Get Your Range Rover Ready for Summer with Our Service Center Tips | Land Rover San Antonio

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Get Your Range Rover Ready for Summer with Our Service Center Tips | Land Rover San Antonio

Winter can be tough on a car, no matter how dependable a car is. Between the snow, ice, grit, road salt, and colder temperatures, the winter months take a toll even on the most luxurious of vehicles. Summer is a great time to do some check-ins on your car’s maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly for the warmer months to come. Summertime means road trips and vacations so you’ll want to be sure your Land Rover or Range Rover is running to perfection. Beyond just a simple wash and wax to wipe away the dreaded springtime pollen, follow some of Land Rover San Antonio’s summertime service center tips to get your ride ready for summer.

  1. Get a detail

Even a beautiful ride as luxurious as the Range Rover Evoque can get dirty during wintertime. Take some time to get rid of the gloves, shovels, coats or blankets. Give your car the deep clean it deserves to make it feel cleaner than ever before.

  1. Check your Tires

Your tires get put through a lot of wear and tear during winter. While all our Land Rovers are equipped for tougher terrains, it’s important to do a check in on your tire’s tread, air level, and total condition. Stop by Land Rover San Antonio’s service center and we’ll take a look at your tires for you.

  1. Is it time for an oil change?

Chances are your Range Rover didn’t get an oil change during the winter months. Summer is a great time to get the proper tune up. Luckily, Land Rover San Antonio can get your oil changed quickly! Stop by, and check out our coupons too!

  1. Check belts, clamps, hoses

If you’re heading out with the family on a long summertime road trip, the last thing you want is for something under the hood to go wrong. Stop by and we’ll check everything from belts, clamps, and hoses to be sure your car is ready for the road ahead.

  1. Check the A/C

The absolute last thing you want happening during the summer is for your car’s A/C to go out–especially in the San Antonio heat! Schedule an appointment with our service center and we’ll help ensure you stay nice and cool all summer long.

5 Features Your Mom Will Love About the Range Rover | Land Rover of San Antonio

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5 Features Your Mom Will Love About the Range Rover | Land Rover San Antonio

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. At Land Rover San Antonio, we’re celebrating our moms with the unbeatable 2017 Range Rover! If your mom is anything like ours, we know she wants the most luxurious and stylish ride on the road. There’s a reason moms all over love their Range Rovers! Check out our top five features your mom will love about the all-new 2017 Range Rover. Stop by Land Rover San Antonio to take her for a test drive and give her the pampering she deserves this Mother’s Day!

  1. Music and Sound System

With the superior Meridian™ sound system, your mom will get the very best sound, music, and entertainment out there. After all, what good is a long road trip without the perfect music to go with it?!

  1. Rear Seat Entertainment

If there’s one thing all moms will agree on, it’s that keeping kids entertained in the car can be tough! Range Rover makes keeping up with restless kids easy with its innovative Rear Seat Entertainment system. You’ll get the option of either an 8” or 10” screen built into each headrest.

  1. Land Rover InControl® Touch Pro™

The InControl® Touch Pro™ is the infotainment system your mom needs and deserves. She’ll get all of Range Rover’s advanced technology right at her fingertips.  If you want your mom to stay connected and in-tune even when she’s on the go, the all-new 2017 Range Rover will have you covered.

  1. Driver Assist Technology

The Range Rover comes with a full package of driver aids to give your mom the safest and most comfortable driving experience. A luxury car is all about ease and relaxed driving experience. With lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitor, and exterior camera system, the Range Rover has all your mom’s bases covered.

  1. Comfort and Convenience Features

A luxury car is all about driver style and overall comfort. Range Rover is the height of the luxury car your mom deserves. In the 2017 Range Rover, she’ll get climate control features, heated and cooled seats, head-up display, soft door close, elegant surfaces, and much more. She’ll feel like a queen every time she gets behind the wheel! Browse our inventory here.

Land Rover San Antonio’s Top 5 Spring Festival Picks

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Land Rover San Antonio’s Top Spring Festival Picks | Land Rover San Antonio 

Spring has finally sprung and San Antonio is gearing up for a great season in the city! With so many events and so much to do this time of year, we had to narrow down our top choices for the best places to be this spring season. Follow Land Rover San Antonio’s guide to our Top Spring Festival Picks to ensure unforgettable experiences all season long.

  1. Seven Seas Food & Wine Festival | SeaWorld San Antonio

*photo credit: SeaWorld San Antonio

Who says SeaWorld is just for kids? This festival will let you travel the world right from our own city! Set sail around the globe on a food and wine tour that allows you to taste the flavors from all over the world.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday + Memorial Day April 21 – May 29 | More info here.

  1. Fiesta® San Antonio

*Photo credit:

If you’ve lived in San Antonio a while, we bet you’re already geared up for this awesome event! This annual celebration started in 1891 to honor the Alamo. Today, it is one of the country’s biggest and most celebrated events.

April 20 – April 30 | Get more info here.

  1. Culinaria Festival Week

Food and wine so nice we listed it twice! What else goes better with a Land Rover lifestyle than great food, great wine, and great friends? Our city is a premier destination for wine and cuisine enthusiasts. Join the Culinaria festival to celebrate the authentic San Antonio culture that goes so well with your Land Rover lifestyle.

May 18 – May 21 | Get your tickets here.

  1. Fiesta Noche Del Rio

*Photo credit:

Nothing says “San Antonio” quite like the River Walk. Get fun, food, dance, music, entertainment, and authentic culture all wrapped up in this great fiesta! Celebrate the Spanish and Mexican roots of our hometown at this amazing festival the whole family will enjoy.

Friday, Saturday: May 12 – August 12 | Learn more here.

  1. Valero Texas Open

*Photo credit:

Springtime is golf time for everyone at Land Rover San Antonio! Load up your Range Rover and head out to the 3rd oldest PGA TOUR tournament right here in San Antonio. Get the chance to see some of the greatest names in golf at the Valero Texas Open.

April 17 – April 23 | Get more details here.

Let Land Rover San Antonio be your guide to all things spring in San Antonio! Finally, don’t miss out on the spring savings on new and pre-owned Land Rover and Range Rover models. Browse our current offers here. Find your next luxury car here.

Learn More about Our Certified Pre-Owned Program and Inventory | Land Rover San Antonio

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Learn More about Our Certified Pre-Owned Program and Inventory | Land Rover San Antonio

Used car sales make up a huge portion of the auto industry. At Land Rover San Antonio, we offer a sizable selection of certified pre-owned vehicles, allowing drivers to get a luxury lifestyle without the luxury price tag. But what does “certified” actually mean, and how is a certified pre-owned car different from a used car? At Land Rover San Antonio, there’s a big difference, and we pride ourselves on our superior certified program and policies. Read on to learn more, and browse our certified pre-owned inventory here.

When you purchase a vehicle passed through our certification program, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing your vehicle has passed rigorous safety and performance standards. When drivers purchase a used car, their biggest concern is that their uncertainty about the car’s history and its ability to be safe and functional into the future. With a certified pre-owned car from Land Rover San Antonio, you won’t have to worry. You’ll get an up to 7-year/100,000-mile limited warranty to cover any repairs or mechanical failures the car may face. Furthermore, you’ll also get 24-hour roadside assistance in the case of a breakdown or accident.

Concerned about what’s under the hood of the new ride? In addition, every vehicle in our certified pre-owned program undergoes a rigorous 165-point inspection to ensure optimum electrical and mechanical conditions. Highly trained and highly specialized Land Rover technicians using genuine Land Rover parts ensure the safety and functionality of each vehicle undergoing the certification process. Even more impressive is that each certified pre-owned vehicle comes with a vehicle history report, road test, and much more to guarantee safety, performance, and functionality for the new driver.

Check out this month’s featured certified pre-owned models here.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Browse our full pre-owned inventory here.

Thinking about a trade in? Learn more here.

Announcing the Range Rover Velar | Land Rover San Antonio

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Announcing the Range Rover Velar | Land Rover San Antonio

Over forty years ago, Land Rover introduced the very first Range Rover. In this nearly half-century history, the Range Rover became of symbol of luxury and a cornerstone of the auto industry. It’s inspired future models in the Range Rover family over the course of its history. Since its first inception, the Range Rover has added to its growing force with the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque. The legacy is built to last and become all the greater with the announcement of the all-new Range Rover Velar.

Deriving its name from the original Range Rover prototype, the new Velar offers startling simplicity in design, elegance in its luxury, and thoughtfulness in its purpose. “We call the Velar the avant-garde Range Rover. It brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity, and elegance to the brand. The Range Rover Velar changes everything,” said Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer.

Learn more about Range Rover history at our blog here.

Furthermore, the Velar’s design is founded on a core principle: reduction. By stripping away muddied complexities, the Velar reveals the elegance found in simplicity. While many might assume the more the better, the Velar operates on a less-is-more policy to provide surprising luxury in simple, beautiful details. The Velar is reminiscent of its Range Rover roots from 1969, and brings heritage and history into the new age of the modern, luxury SUV.

Filling the void between the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque, Velar drivers can look forward to the vehicle’s lightweight and aluminum-intensive structure, long wheelbase, intelligently spacious interior cabin, available performance technology including Terrain Response®, and much more.

Browse our Range Rover Sport inventory here.

Due to the Velar’s compelling design and stand out features, we’re looking forward to its appearance. Stop by Land Rover San Antonio to see all our Land Rover and Range Rover models currently available.

Browse our full new car inventory here.

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History of the Range Rover | Land Rover San Antonio

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History of the Range Rover | Land Rover San Antonio

With a history over forty-five years long, the Range Rover is a cornerstone in both luxury and capability. While some might say high-end style and superior off-roading performance don’t belong in the same vehicle, Range Rover discovered possibility. Their work has stood the test of time.

Way back in 1970, the first Range Rover conceptualization began to take shape in the form of Range Rover Velar. The name “Velar” disguised the first prototypes. With this name, the soon-to-come car remained a secret. This first concept vehicle was a three-door model and was in a class all its own as it blended a rare mix of elegance and capability, a blend the Range Rover still manifests today.

A decade later, in 1981, the four-door Range Rover first hit the road. It met high praise from the growing number of Range Rover drivers.

The Ranger Rover evolved over time, not only keeping up with trends but setting even more on their own. The 2001 third-generation Range Rover is perhaps the model that begins to resonate with Range Rover fans today. This style and build really began to set the way for current models. This build was the first to have a unibody, and the design is truly inspiring.

Range Rover Sport

While you’re probably familiar with the 2017 Range Rover Sport, did you know the first Sport models hit the road over a decade ago? In 2005, Range Rover faithfully proved its dedication to innovation with the Sport. This model optimized driving performance without sacrificing high-end luxury details.

Range Rover Evoque

The height of the Range Rover’s precision and elegance, though, came in 2015 with the introduction of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. This is the first convertible model for the Range Rover family. The Evoque proves the brand’s leading charge in class, style, and elegance.

See our full inventory here.

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Phone Apps Every Driver Needs | Land Rover San Antonio

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Phone Apps Every Driver Needs

  1. Waze

Waze isn’t your typical directions or maps app; it beats out Google Maps or Mapquest because of its top-of-the-line crowd-sourcing functions. Get real-time traffic alerts to optimize your commute from real drivers, not algorithms.

  1. SpotHero

Tired of spending a fortune on parking? The SpotHero app allows you to find the cheapest parking options near you. You can even reserve a spot in advance!

  1. PlugShare

For all the e-drivers out there, it can be frustrating when you’re always worried about finding a charging station. PlugShare solves that problem for you. It’s the most accurate and complete charging station map and a top downloaded app.

  1. Road Tripper

This app is perfect for anyone who is always on the road, whether you’re a traveling salesperson, truck driver, courier, or just love to hit the highway. Road Tripper allows you to organize your whole trip right from your phone. You can add the places you wish to visit, get suggestions, and even have easy access to Yelp reviews. Download it now and use it on your next road trip!

  1. Urbanspoon

While not specifically a driving or car app, every driver still needs a trusty restaurant guide handy right in their phone. Urbanspoon is the #1 free app that is totally dedicated to helping you find the best restaurants and dining experiences near you. Especially if you’re on vacation or traveling to a new city, you’ll need a good app to recommend your next grub hub.

  1. Pandora

Whether it’s your quick morning commute across town or you’re taking your Land Rover on an off-roading adventure, you’ll need some good tunes. Let Pandora be your driving playlist so you never miss your favorite song! Download the app and get great music on the go.

Stop by Land Rover San Antonio and check out all the new models we have in stock. Luckily Land Rovers come with advanced technology and communications systems to help keep you, your phone, and your car connected while you’re on the road.

Browse our inventory here.

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Prepare Your Land Rover for Winter Weather | Land Rover San Antonio

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Prepare Your Land Rover for Winter

Preparing Your Land Rover for Winter

When you buy a Land Rover, we know you’ll be doing some off-roading. In the wintertime, that means you could be taking your car into icy territory or snow-packed trails. Luckily, a Land Rover was built with confidence in its capabilities on- or off-road no matter the season and weather. But before you head out on your winter adventures in 2017, here’s some advice and tips on how to prepare your Land Rover for winter from Land Rover San Antonio.

  • Stop by the service center

Schedule an appointment with us to have a pre-winter checkup so we can be sure your Land Rover is in tip-top shape for everything you have planned for it. Getting your car serviced is easy when you schedule it online. Fill out the form here:

  • Tire inflation

It’s important that your tires are properly inflated before you take them on uneasy terrain. Tire pressure will differ depending on the vehicle, road conditions, and tires themselves, so check your handbook or even call our service center to be sure your tires are ready for winter.

  • Easy does it

When you’re on snow or ice, traction is the most important factor. Use steady momentum and ease off the accelerator if you feel you’ve lost traction. Luckily, many new Land Rover models have available traction control and terrain response technology so you can come prepared.

  • Avoid quick braking

Sudden or harsh braking can be tough on your car in any climate, but it’s even worse on icy or snowy roads. Brake gently or you run the risk of skidding on the road.

  • Stock up on essentials

There’s things you should always keep in your car, year ‘round. But during winter, snow chains, de-icer and windshield scraper, torch or lightbulb, and blankets are a must. Make sure your Land Rover is stocked up.

There’s many roadblocks to face during winter, but you don’t have to let them keep you from your adventures when you’re in a Land Rover. Be prepared for the new year by stopping by Land Rover San Antonio and let us help you gear up for colder climates.

Get Ready for 2017 With the All-New Land Rover Lineup | Land Rover San Antonio

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Get Ready for 2017 With the All-New Land Rover Lineup

Land Rover is committed to providing excellence to its customers. From exceptional sales teams, quick and reliable maintenance service, and a wide and diverse inventory to choose from, Land Rover prides itself on always being exceptional. This includes evolving and changing to keep up with vehicle trends and styles as well as meeting its customers’ demands. Here at Land Rover San Antonio, we take these values to a whole other level by constantly striving to bring the best of the best to our city.

2017 is shaping up to be a great year for all of us at Land Rover, starting with the brand new models with several incredible vehicles to choose from. See a few from our selection, and let us know what you think!

  1. 2017 Land Rover Discovery

This all-new model replaces the fourth generation Land Rover Discovery. The 2017 model is available with powerful petrol and diesel V6 powertrains, offers lightweight aluminum construction, and all-new driver assistance technology.


Get More Info Here

  1. 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport

As the premium compact SUV, the Discovery Sport has brought capability and dependability for drivers. The 2017 model will be all the better with all-terrain progress control, new exterior paint color options, and design packages available for luxury models. With style and performance from top to bottom, we are thrilled to bring these 2017 models onto the lot.

Dec16_LRS_Blog2 photos

Browse Inventory Here

  1. 2017 Range Rover Evoque

With thoughtfulness and precision, the new Range Rover Evoque can outsell any other model like it. Constantly pushing the limits and challenging what a Range Rover can be, the all-new Evoque now offers driver technology and driver assistance features. You’ll be sure to turn heads on the road in this beauty.


Browse full 2017 Range Rover Evoque inventory here.

With all the new options Land Rover has to offer, the new year is looking shiny and bright. Land Rover San Antonio is thrilled to bring new 2017 models on the lot, and we can’t wait for you to come and test drive them. Stop by the dealership or give us a call at (201) 561-4900.

Browse our full new inventory here.

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6 Awesome Holiday Events Going on in San Antonio, TX

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Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 11.03.54 AM

Between all the shopping, cooking, and traveling—not to mention the holiday traffic—the holidays can be a stressful time for some people. We’ve all got a to-do list that seems never ending; cross one thing off, then immediately add more tasks that need to be completed. With all the parties and planning, it’s easy to let holiday stress take away from what’s really important during the season.

But don’t worry! Land Rover San Antonio has you covered with an amazing list of the lineup of holiday happenings going on in town. With all the fun things to do, you can finally unwind and spend quality time with friends and family this holiday season.

Check out Land Rover San Antonio’s list of the top six holiday events going on in town! And don’t forget that here at Land Rover San Antonio, we want to make your holiday stress a little a less by finding the right car for you. Happy holidays, and we hope to see you soon.

  1. Holiday in the Park

Six Flags Fiesta Texas brings Holiday in the Park. The event runs until January 2 and boasts over a million dazzling lights. Other fun activities include photos with Santa, music, and open rides.

Plan your visit here:

  1. San Antonio Zoo Lights

A Christmas light spectacle brings holiday magic to your local zoo. Bring the family to this winter wonderland! Event lasts until January 1.

Get your tickets here:

  1. SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

Your favorite aquatic animal attraction is bringing over 5 million lights to deck the halls this holiday season. Take in the scenery now until January 1!

Read more here:

  1. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

The stage at San Antonio’s The Magik Theatre brings this holiday classic to life. Bring the whole family and enjoy some holiday theatrical magic! Now until December 30.

Get your tickets here:

  1. Christmas Light Fest

With a drive-through holiday spectacular offering more than 2 million lights, your family will be warm and cozy as they experience all the holiday cheer The Don Strange Ranch has to offer. Show off your Land Rover when you drive through it, now until December 31.

More info here:

  1. Holidays in Bloom

Combine your love of Christmas with your passion for nature at the San Antonio Botanical Garden’s Christmas event. Experience the season’s beauty with an outing the whole family will love. Now until December 31.

Find out more here:

Ring in the holiday cheer in your favorite city while driving a luxurious and dependable Land Rover from Land Rover San Antonio. From all of us here, we wish you and your family a very stress-free, safe, and happy holiday season. Stop by and see us in person or give us a call at (210) 561-4900.