“Share the Road!” For drivers and cyclists alike, sharing the road is crucial to the safety and well-being of our roads in the San Antonio community. And for those of you who are embracing the bolstering cycling scene in our area, you’re excited about the opportunity to get out there on the road to stay fit, active, and have a bit of fun. But before you start pedaling around downtown, Cavender Auto Group wanted to remind you of a few crucial tips for riding your bicycle alongside automobiles to ensure everyone’s safety. And for you experienced cyclists, you can use our short list as a friendly reminder of how to be safe on the road!

1. Protect Your Head! All cyclists should wear helmets when they ride to protect themselves from serious head injuries. Scuffing up an elbow or knee is unpleasant and can be painful, but head injuries of any kind are far more serious and should be prevented at all costs.

2. Stay Visible. Wear bright-colored riding attire to ensure that those cars you share the road with can see you. It’s a no-brainer that if drivers can see you they are less likely to hit you. Use reflectors on your bicycle and use lights when you bike at night or low-light conditions.

3. Use Proper Hand Signals. Automobiles have the convenience of “blinkers” to let traffic know when and where they’ll be turning. It’s not as simple for cyclists! If you’re turning left, hold your left arm fully extended out from your shoulder. To turn right, hold your left arm out and up, bent at the elbow. But don’t just trust your signals—look both ways before you turn into or away from any sort of traffic to remain safe.

4. Bike With Traffic. Some runners like to run on pathways that face oncoming traffic so they can react if a car dangerously veers into their path. Cyclists don’t have that luxury, as they must follow the same rules and regulations of the road. Biking in the same direction as traffic is the safe and legal way to get down the road on your bicycle.

5. Act Like a Car. When riding on the road, cars will be more comfortable around you if you ride predictably. Just as an automobile shouldn’t be swerving to and fro in their lanes, you should get in the habit of taking a straight and stable path on your ride. Be aware of the traffic around you and practice defensive driving skills you’ve learned from your car to increase your safety.

This list is just as essential for drivers as it is for riders! It’s important to know what to expect from one another when we share our road, and the more cyclists and drivers understand each others needs, the safer and more enjoyable our roads will be.

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