Financing With a Bank or Dealership

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If you’re looking for all the benefits of actually owning your new car, the idea of a car loan can be a little intimidating. Where is the best place to get a car loan? And how do you decide between financing with a bank or dealership? Each offer their own incentives and benefits, and each can be the ideal option depending on the San Antonio or Corpus Christi driver. At Land Rover San Antonio, our finance center experts are ready to help you find the best financing and loan options available to you. Read on below to get a feel for the plan that fits you.

Getting Your Car Loan from a Bank

Many may consider their personal bank in Laredo as the first place to go when thinking of a loan for their car. If you go ahead with the financing process with your bank, you’ll have:

  • Set interest rates.
  • The benefit of continued trust over the years with your bank; many prefer a bank because they’ve built trust with their financial institution, and vice-versa.
  • Possibly a flexible payment schedule.

If you have a lower credit score, you may have a harder time getting a loan from your bank. Also, checking with your dealership to see who their financing partners are is a good idea to make sure your bank and dealer can work together.

Dealership Financing

Many consider the dealership to be the best place to get auto financing because they typically have a much wider range of options and flexibility for the buyer. Most dealerships have their own financing programs, which means they can set the terms specifically tailored to you and your budget. Learn more about financing with a dealership below:

  • You can apply easily! Filling out one form will give you multiple financing options.
  • Dealerships will help you determine if leasing or financing is right for you. At a bank, leasing isn’t even a possibility.
  • Your down payment may be negotiable when financing through the dealership. In addition, dealerships can afford to be more flexible when approving low-credit or no-credit car loans.
  • Dealerships have the opportunity to seek our loans from any number of financial lenders, as opposed to simply one.
  • Financing incentives, including trade-in values, are available at your dealership to make your ideal choice.

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Explore Your Financing Options With Land Rover San Antonio!

In San Antonio, we know how important the financing process is to your vehicle. When you’re considering your options of where to get a car loan, there are few who can provide greater flexibility and overall support during this crucial part of your new or pre-owned SUV. Contact us today to start your application!