Land Rover Handover Encore

About Land Rover Handover Encore

Your Land Rover vehicle is fitted with the latest technologies and features. While we strive to ensure that the vehicle delivery process at the retailer adequately covers key technologies and features, we know that retaining all of that information can sometimes be an overwhelming task.

Handover Encore is a complimentary, bespoke experience that provides a one-on-one opportunity to learn about your vehicle’s features and technology. This experience is custom-tailored with your retailer’s Encore Specialist to cover only what you want to know or explore further.

How Land Rover Handover Encore Works

At the point of initial delivery, your retail sales professional will explain the service to you and offer to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you may contact your retail sales professional post initial delivery and they will be happy to set up and appointment for you at your convenience.

The Land Rover Handover Encore takes place at a convenient location of your choice; it can be your office, home, athletic club, or any other location. Contact your local retailer to schedule your own personalized handover encore today.