How To Unlock A Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel

A lot of times drivers don’t realize their steering wheel is locked until they need to drive somewhere and it won’t move. Are you having issues starting your Land Rover vehicle? Does your key not turn in the ignition? This is because your steering wheel is locked. Get expert advice on how to unlock your steering wheel from the Land Rover San Antonio service center.

Tips to Unlocking a Steering Wheel

These tips will help San Antonio drivers increase their chances of unlocking their steering wheel and avoid damaging the internal components.

  • Avoid Excessive Force: A locked steering wheel require a lot of muscle. Attempting excessive force can damage parts of the steering mechanism. Instead, turn the key to the “on” position and use varying amounts of pressure while wiggling the wheel back and forth.
  • Try Different Techniques: If you can’t get the key to the “on” position, slowly turn it in the ignition with one hand while slowly adjusting the wheel back and forth with your other. This helps realign things, allowing you to start your car.
  • Use a Different Key: If your usual key isn’t working, visit the Land Rover San Antonio parts department and ask to have a new one made. A key’s shape can deteriorate with normal wear and tear, so your key probably can’t engage your vehicle’s tumblers. A dealership can make a fresh key using your vehicle’s serial number so you won’t have a copy of a worn key.

Contact Land Rover San Antonio for Additional Help

Still, have questions about how to unlock a steering wheel, or even how to lock your steering wheel? Contact our service center, and we’ll be happy to help! Don’t forget – we offer a great selection of service and parts specials to help you save on your next visit.

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