Why is My Steering Wheel Shaking

Steering Wheel

Have you been wondering to yourself, “is there a reason why my steering wheel shakes?” If so, it might be related to needing your tires aligned or balanced. When your tires are misaligned or unbalanced, it can cause your car to swerve, making the wheels or even the whole car shake. While that’s one possible answer to the question “why is my steering wheel shaking,” there are a few other potential culprits. Discover what can cause a shaking steering wheel below.

Why My Steering Wheel Shakes

The most common causes of a shaking steering wheel are as follows:

  • Unbalanced wheels: Properly balanced wheels are vital to the feel and handling of your Land Rover or other vehicle. When the wheels are unbalanced, their weight distribution will be off. This difference causes the tires and steering wheel to vibrate. Unbalanced wheels cause uneven tire wear and damage your struts and other parts over time, and unbalanced wheels will make for a less efficient ride. Your tires should be balanced regularly, according to your Land Rover maintenance schedule.
  • Misalignment: Misalignment, as opposed to unbalanced wheels, occurs when your wheels are not parallel to each other or perfectly perpendicular to the San Antonio roads. In this case, the vehicle will pull one way or another and will affect your ability to steer, sometimes being the answer to your “why my steering wheel shakes” question.
  • Bad bearings: Rather than regular maintenance issues like balancing or aligning your wheels, the answer to “why is my steering wheel shaking when I turn,” could be bad bearings. Unfortunately, repairing bearings is more costly if they are damaged. Sometimes, they may just need to be cleaned or lubricated.

Schedule Service at Land Rover San Antonio

If you’ve recently had to wonder “why is my steering wheel shaking,” it’s time to schedule service at Land Rover San Antonio. Our factory-trained technicians will inspect your vehicle to determine what the root cause is so you can say “my steering wheel shakes because my tires are misaligned,” or whatever the reason is. Then, we’ll service your vehicle and have you back out on Corpus Christi roads quickly and safely. Be sure to take advantage of any current service specials when you bring you San Antonio Land Rover in!

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